Section 106 Financial 

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Allocation Due Collected Allocated Spent Available
Affordable Housing Offsite0.00721,799.990.000.00721,799.99
Air Quality0.
Artificial Turf Pitch Contribution0.
Asda Roundabout Contribution0.
Brambles South Link Alternative Contribution0.
Bus Infrastructure0.
Community Worker0.00134,277.28134,277.286,500.00127,777.28
Community Worker (MDA)
Community Worker (Woodcroft)
Countryside Service Contribution0.
Cycleway and Pedestrian Contribution0.
Diverted Bridleways Contribution0.
Education - Mengham Infant and Junior Schools0.
Education - Primary Schools0.
Education - Sharps Copse Primary School0.
Employment and Skills Plans Financial Contribution0.
Environmental Improvements0.
Footway (HCC)
Green Transport0.
Havant Bus Station0.
Havant Park0.
HBC Monitoring/Administration Fee0.00106,813.49106,813.4950,529.1556,284.34
HCC Monitoring/Administration Fee0.
Health Contribution2,860.6216,726.710.000.0016,726.71
Hermitage Stream0.
Highway Access Improvement Contribution0.
Highway Contribution0.003,085.323,085.323,085.320.00
Highway Works0.
London Road Purbrook Contribution0.
Maintenance of LEAP0.
NN/SRMS MONITORING AND ADMIN. FEES-1.006,815.542,225.890.006,815.54
Northern Site Access Works0.
NUTRIENT NEUTRAL MAIN PAYMENT0.00362,768.33124,576.230.00362,768.33
NUTRIENT NEUTRAL MONITORING0.001,407.7772.640.001,407.77
NUTRIENT NEUTRAL MONITORING AND ADMIN0.005,801.503,224.670.005,801.50
Open Space Commuted Sum0.
Open Space Land0.
OS Sports Pitches0.
Park and Stride0.
Public Open Space0.
Public Rights of Way Contribution0.
Purbrook Heath Sports Pitch Contribution0.
Repayment of Contributions0.
Residential SuDS0.0019,,100.00
Right Turn and Roundabout Signage Works0.
Roundabout Improvement Contribution0.
School Travel0.
SINC Contribution0.0012,891.8712,891.870.0012,891.87
Site Wide Travel Plan (HCC)
Solent Recreation Mitigation Project Contribution0.00143,657.03133,663.16133,663.169,993.87
Solent Recreation Mitigation Strategy0.00355,826.53325,834.32325,834.3229,992.21
Southern Site Access Works0.
Sports Pitch Funds from SPG0.
SRMS ADMIN FEE-0.023,025.022,012.35464.352,560.67
SRMS MAIN PAYMENT-0.93293,709.63227,273.44227,223.4466,486.19
SRMS MONITORING FEE8.656,397.263,854.411,565.734,831.53
SUDS Bond0.0095,159.460.000.0095,159.46
SUDS Bond (Phase 3)
SUDS Cash Deposit0.0052,394.080.000.0052,394.08
The Leisure Centre Contribution0.
Toucan Crossing Contribution0.
Town Centre Link Contribution0.
Traffic Management0.
Traffic Regulation Order0.0021,155.505,802.465,802.4615,353.04
Transport Contribution (HCC)
Travel Plan 1st-4th Anniversary0.
Travel Plan Approval Fee0.
Travel Plan Bond0.
Travel Plan HBC0.
Travel Plan HCC0.
Travel Plan Monitoring Fee0.
Viability Appraisal0.
Wintering Bird Mitigation Area or SWBGS Funding0.00446,296.80446,296.800.00446,296.80
Total: 2,867.32 2,853,195.41 1,531,904.33 754,667.93 2,098,527.48