Welcome to Havant Developer Contributions

This module will allow you to see the planning data from Havant Borough Council in an interface powered by Exacom. All information shown here has been approved by Havant Borough Council, and the extent of the information available to the public is also controlled entirely by the authority. Key features include the local CIL dashboard, the Section 106 dashboard, and the application lookup facility. Below is a message from Havant Borough Council:

Message from Havant Borough Council  

This module has information on S106 collected and due from October 2016 and information on CIL collected from 1 August 2013 (the date CIL was implemented at the council).

This information is supplemented by web pages relating to developer contributions: Community Infrastructure Levy and S106

If a S106 agreement is not viewable in full on this module please enter the application number in Online Planning Applications

We have an Infrastructure Funding Statement on our website which gives more detail on the Developer Contributions the council collect.

If you have any queries on developer contributions please email cil@havant.gov.uk and we will be happy to answer your queries.

Last updated: 09 August 2022 17:17:53 (UK)