Project Reference Ward(s) Milestones
Project 2: Sutton Decentralised Energy Network
Project 3: Education Capital Expenditure
Project 13: Beddington Park - Heritage Lottery Fund
Project 14: Public Realm - Worcester Park
Project 15: Public Realm - Cheam & Belmont
Project 16: Public Realm - Carshalton
Project 17: Public Realm - Beddington & Wallington
Project 18: Area Wide Parking Scheme
Project 19: Parks Improvements
Project 20: Public Realm - Sutton Area
Project 21: Transport Related S106 Funded Schemes
Project 22: Sutton Station Gateway
Project 23: S106 Monitoring Officer
Project 24: SEN Expansions
Project 25: Transfer to TfL
Project 26: TfL - Corridors
Project 27: Tesco Traffic Measures
Project 28: Public Transport Facilities
Project 29: Stanley Park
Project 30: Cheam High
Project 31: Traffic Calming
Project 32: STC Renewal Programme
Project 33: Lavender Project
Project 34: General S106 - St.Helier, The Wrythe & Wandle Valley
Project 35: General S106 - Beddington & Wallington3
Project 36: Sutton TC Area Action Plan Transport Study
Project 37: Art Festival
Project 38: Environmental Improvements Perrets Field
Project 39: Soft Landscaping SGS
Project 40: Rushey Meadow Annual Maintenance
Project 41: Rushey Meadow
Project 42: Parks Pavillions & Toilet Improvements
Project 43: Beddington Lane Highway Improvements
Project 44: Secondary Expansions
Project 45: Primary Expansions Phase IV
Project 46: General S106 - Sutton Local Committee3
Project 47: NHS Sutton CCG
Project 48: Housing The Homeless
Project 49: Franklin House
Project 50: Travel Plan Coordinator Post
Project 51: Westcroft Leisure Centre - Flood Remedial Works
Project 52: SEN Expansion
Project 53: Gander Green Lane - Calming Measures
Project 54: Primary Expansions Phase II
Project 55: Camperdown House - Affordable Housing
Project 56: Primary Expansions - Devonshire Primary
Project 58: Wallington Integrated Package
Project 59: General S106 - Cheam & Belmont Local Cttee1
Project 61: Transfer to PCT
Project 62: Specialist Threatre Equipment - Secombe Centre
Project 64: D540
Project 65: Therapia Lane Contribution
Project 66: Car Clubs & Car Reduction Measures
Project 67: E032
Project 68: E029
Project 69: Hackbridge OLF Project
Project 70: Town Centre Masterplan Delivery
Project 71: E162
Project 72: Tramlink Extensions
Project 73: Worcester Park Library
Project 74: Station Estate - Streets for people
Project 75: E061
Project 76: Public Realm - St.Helier, The Wrythe & Wandle Valley
Project 77: N553
Project 79: Manor Park Improvement
Project 80: Hackbridge Road - Hackbridge Cycleway
Project 81: Nature Conservation
Project 82: Cuddington Meadows Annual Maintenance
Project 83: CCTV
Project 84: Traffic Calming - Various Sites
Project 85: Duke Street Allotments
Project 86: Duke Street - Environmental Improvements
Project 87: Landfill Tax Credits Capital Scheme
Project 88: London Road / Seymour Road Pedestrian Crossing
Project 91: Sutton Arena
Project 92: Improving Belmont Meadows
Project 93: E147
Project 94: Hoppa Bus
Project 95: STC Renewal Programme
Project 96: Parking Bay Review
Project 97: Highways Works
Project 98: Wellfield Grasslands Annual Maintenance
Project 99: Legal Charges
Project 100: Stationary Costs
Project 101: Cheam Leisure Centre Roof Refurbishments
Project 102: E139
Project 103: E173
Project 104: Town Centre Events
Project 105: Development of Sutton Market
Project 106: Art Festival
Project 107: S3 Bus Service
Project 108: Transfer to RBK
Project 109: Ecology Centre
Project 110: E046
Project 111: Environmental Improvements Carshalton Park
Project 112: E and L Capital Scheme No 24
Project 113: Pigeon Proofing Capital Minor Scheme
Project 114: Rosehill Avenue Junction Modification
Project 115: Boxing Club
Project 116: Shop Front Improvements
Project 117: Lamppost flower basket schemes
Project 118: Replace Public Conveniences at Roberstbridge Road
Project 119: Relocation of Rosehill Facilities
Project 123: Queen Mary's Woodland
Project 124: TFL Bus S4
Project 125: E076
Project 126: STC Marketing Plan
Project 127: Sutton Town Centre Strategy
Project 128: Covered Footway & Bus Shelter
Project 129: Hill Road Ramp, St Nicholas Way Subway
Project 130: Sundial Garden
Project 131: Sutton TC Transport Imps & Other TC Initiatives
Project 132: Graffiti Initiative
Project 133: Sutton Station
Project 134: Stafford Rd/Woodcote Rd Junction
Project 135: Pelican Crossing, Stanley Park Road
Project 136: Transport
Project 137: Revenue
Project 138: Queen Mary's Park Annual Maintenance
Project 139: Queen Mary's Park Initial Works
Project 140: Fairlands Park Annual Maintenance
Project 141: Traffic lights at Sandy Lane, Cheam
Project 142: Public Open Space
Project 144: Historic Spend
Project 145: Rotary Agresso Sundial
Project 146: Legal Spend
Project 147: Unfunded CCTV costs for 2001/02
Project 149: High Street Pedestrianisation
Project 150: Beddington Lane/Farm Link Road
Project 151: Coomber Way Depot
Project 152: Beddington Park Improvements
Project 153: Kimpton Road Landscaping
Project 154: Cheam Park and Rec Ground
Project 155: Transfer to Housing
Project 156: Environmental Improvements Marlow Drive
Project 157: Employment Study
Project 158: Warren Park
Project 159: Tree Planting
Project 160: Playground Refurbishments
Project 161: Environmental Improvements Grove Park
Project 162: Marquee Hire
Project 163: Establish Farmers Market in Sutton TC
Project 164: Environmental Improvements Belmont Rest Garden
Project 165: The Water Mill LFL
Project 166: Highway Primary Equipment
Project 167: Devonshire Road Environmental Improvements
Project 168: Grove Park - Proposed Improvements
Project 169: Enhancements in Carshalton
Project 170: Running Costs
Project 171: Church Lane Churchyard Wall Works
Project 172: Sutton TC Management
Project 174: Hill House Carshalton
Project 175: Duke Street Allotments
Project 176: Benhill Allotments Improvements
Project 177: Kimpton Road
Project 178: A237 London Rd / New Rd
Project 179: River Wandle New Bridge
Project 180: Watercress Park
Project 183: Highway Resurfacing
Project 184: Regeneration of Richmond Green - LA New Build
Project 185: Traffic Management
Project 186: General S106 - North Cheam & Worcester Park
Project 188: SuDS in Suttons Schools
Project 190: Pavement Improvements/Resurfacing
Project 191: Primary Expansions Phase III
Project 193: Ridge Road AllotmentsStonecot3
Project 194: Beddington Village HallBeddington North1
Project 195: Lenham Road Wildlife CorridorSutton Central4
Project 198: Library of ThingsSutton Central1
Project 201: General S106 - Carshalton & Clockhouse Local Ctte
Project 202: Rosehill Milestone RefurbishmentSutton North1
Project 204: Hillcrest Hall Toilet ImprovementsCarshalton South & Clockhouse2
Project 207: Gander Green AllotmentsSutton West1
Project 209: Retrofit buildings to zero carbonSutton Central
Project 210: Upgrade litter binsBeddington North, Beddington South, Belmont, Cheam, Nonsuch, Stonecot, Sutton Central, Sutton North, Sutton South, Sutton West, Wallington North, Wallington South, Worcester Park
Project 211: Smart waste in apartmentsThe Wrythe
Project 212: Rosehill Park West refurbishmentSutton North1
Project 213: Poulter park fencingWandle Valley1
Project 214: Manor Park refurbishmentSutton Central1
Project 215: Paddock Allotment RailingsCheam1
Project 216: Cheam croquet and bowls club fencingCheam1
Project 217: Cheam Recreational Grounds fencingCheam1
Project 219: River Wandle fencesWandle Valley1
Project 222: Grove Park gatesCarshalton Central1
Project 223: Carshalton war memorial fencingCarshalton Central1
Project 224: Carshalton Park refurbishmentCarshalton Central2
Project 225: Oaks Park resurfacingCarshalton South & Clockhouse1
Project 228: Viridor Warden
Project 229: Beddington Lane Highway Improvements
Project 232: Collingwood Fencing around Ball Courts and Skate RampsSutton West
Project 234: Broxap BinsStonecot1
Project 237: Butter Hill Air Quality MonitoringWandle Valley1
Project 238: North Cheam Flower BedsNonsuch1
Project 239: Grove Park Mini GolfCarshalton Central2
Project 242: Green Wrythe Lane AllotmentsThe Wrythe2
Project 250: Tree PlantingBeddington North, Beddington South, Belmont, Cheam, Nonsuch, Stonecot, St Helier, Sutton Central, Sutton North, Sutton South, Sutton West, The Wrythe, Wallington North, Wallington South, Wandle Valley, Worcester Park1
Project 252: Quarry Park Pruning and PlantingSutton West3
Project 254: Roundshaw Downs Inhibitor GatesBeddington South1
Project 258: Disabled Riding Centre InfrastructureCarshalton South & Clockhouse3
Project 259: Sutton Common Park HardstandingStonecot1
Project 260: Beddington Park Cottage Car Park BarrierWallington North1
Project 261: Sutton Common Tennis Court FencingNonsuch
Project 262: Rosehill East Hedge ScreeningSutton North1
Project 263: Rosehill West Hedging for Shrub BedsSutton North1
Project 264: Rosehill East Path Surface RepairsSutton North
Project 265: Rosehill West Bike Pump TrackSutton North1
Project 267: Collingwood Playground Extension and ImprovementsSutton West1
Project 268: Beddington Park DefibrillatorBeddington North
Project 269: Beddington Park Tennis Court OvermarkWallington North1
Project 270: Dorchester Primary SchoolWorcester Park1
Project 271: Hamilton Avenue Recreation ClearanceStonecot1
Project 279: Trinity Square Underpass Lighting ImprovementSutton Central
Project 280: Hamptons Wetlands Nature Reserve fencingWorcester Park3
Project 281: Tweeddale Children's Centre Kitchen GardenSt Helier
Project 283: EV Charging Points at Civic Offices
Project 285: Travel Plan Monitoring
Project 287: Hackbridge Station GTR1
Project 288: Exacom PFM Maintenance 2022/23
Project 289: CIL Staff Costs 2021/2022
Project 291: Flood Resistance Measures
Project 292: Westcroft Leisure Centre
Project 293: Neighbourhood Fund 2022/23
Project 296: Wrythe Green Shopping Parade East Side UpgradeThe Wrythe
Project 297: Nonsuch Park Roof RepairsCheam1
Project 301: Thomas Wall Rec MuralSt Helier West1
Project 303: Hackbridge Planting ProtectionHackbridge1
Project 304: Hackbridge Biodiversity Green LinksHackbridge2
Project 305: Wallington Scout HallBeddington1
Project 306: Collingwood Playground ExtensionSutton North1
Project 307: Roundshaw Park Playground PanelsSouth Beddington & Roundshaw1
Project 308: Poulter Park Inclusive Play EquipmentSt Helier East1
Project 309: Mellows Park Inclusive Play EquipmentBeddington1
Project 313: Manor Park FencingSutton Central1
Project 316: S106 Parks3
Project 329: S106 Revenue Spending
Project 330: Safer Communities Capital Programme
Project 332: Roundshaw Baseball Square
Project 333: Exacom Maintenance 2023/24
Project 334: CIL Staff Costs 2022/2023
Project 335: BCIL 2022/23
Project 336: Grove Road Surgery Expansion
Project 338: Parking at Oaks ParkCarshalton South & Clockhouse1
Project 339: Play Garden at TweeddaleSt Helier West
Project 341: Sensory Garden at The GrangeWallington North
Project 343: Boroughwide Tree Planting
Project 344: Fountain at Manor ParkSutton Central
Project 348: Inclusive Play Equipment at Wrythe RecCarshalton Central
Project 349: Inclusive Play Equipment at Stanley ParkCarshalton South & Clockhouse
Project 350: Water Pumps at Elm Ponds
Project 351: Improvements at The GroveCarshalton Central1
Project 353: Boundary Wall at Nonsuch ParkCheam
Project 355: Tree Planting at Beddington ParkBeddington
Project 356: Path at Rose Hill Park WestSutton North
Project 361: CIL Admin Costs 2023/24
Project 362: S106 Neighbourhood Fund 2023/24
Project 363: Goat Bridge Wandle Trust
Project 364: CIL Staff Costs 2023/24
Project 365: Sustainable Cycle Training Shipping ContainerSutton North