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This module will allow you to see the planning data from London Borough of Sutton in an interface powered by Exacom. All information shown here has been approved by London Borough of Sutton, and the extent of the information available to the public is also controlled entirely by the authority. Key features include the local Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) dashboard, the Section 106 dashboard, the application lookup facility, and the CIL calculator. Below is a message from London Borough of Sutton:

Message from London Borough of Sutton  

Welcome to the London Borough of Sutton Developer Contribution Database, please use this tool to view all potential, due, collected, allocated, spent and available S106 and CIL funds.

Please use the tabs available to access a wide range of information. To locate S106 Agreements please use the S106 tab and filter as necessary. To view particular applications please use the Apps tab and search using the Planning Application reference number. If you need help locating this you can use our Planning Public Access site.

Funds received are usually updated on a daily basis; money spent will be updated as and when projects are finalised, or at the end of each financial year for ongoing projects.

Further information on CIL can be found on the main LBS website.

The CIL Zones listed within the CIL tab represent the following Local Committee areas;

Zone 1 - Cheam North & Worcester Park (North Cheam, Stonecot, Worcester Park North, Worcester Park South)
Zone 2 - Sutton (Sutton Central, Sutton North, Sutton West and East Cheam)
Zone 3 - Sutton South, Cheam & Belmont (Belmont, Cheam, Sutton South)
Zone 4 - Hackbridge, St Helier & The Wrythe (Hackbridge, St Helier East, St Helier West, The Wrythe)
Zone 5 - Carshalton & Clockhouse (Carshalton Central, Carshalton and Clockhouse)
Zone 6 - Beddington & Wallington (Beddington, South Beddington and Roundshaw, Wallington North, Wallington South)
Hackbridge and Beddington Corner - Neighbourhood Plan

Should you have any questions regarding S106/CIL please contact us at planningobligations@sutton.gov.uk

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