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This module will allow you to see the planning data from Chichester District Council in an interface powered by Exacom. All information shown here has been approved by Chichester District Council, and the extent of the information available to the public is also controlled entirely by the authority. Key features include the local CIL dashboard, the Section 106 dashboard, and the application lookup facility. Below is a message from Chichester District Council:

Message from Chichester District Council  

Welcome to our Developer Contributions Database, showing both community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and S106 Obligations data.   The site updates each evening and most data can be filtered by Ward or Parish over a date range of your choosing.  Please refer to our navigation guide and the links below for further information.


The data covers the whole of Chichester District since implementation on the 1st February 2016, except for that part which is within the South Downs National Park who collect and spend their own CIL.


The data covers the whole of the Chichester District although please be aware that Chichester District Council does not monitor or hold details of obligations given in favour of West Sussex County Council.  Also, this site does not contain data for any S106 agreements signed since 1 April 2011 in respect of developments within the South Downs National Park.

Data is held for all deeds signed since 1st April 2017 together with some historic deeds where either (a) obligation triggers had not yet fallen due or (b) the Council held funds which had not been spent, both as at 1 April 2017.


Navigation Guide to Chichester District Council Developer Contributions website

Infrastructure Business Plan (IBP)

Annual Monitoring Reports for CDC & Parishes

Further information on CIL

Further information on S106


Chichester District Council: cil@Chichester.gov.uk

West Sussex County Council click here

South Downs National Park Authority: cil@southdowns.gov.uk

Parish Council Contact details https://www.chichester.gov.uk/parishandtowncouncils

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