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This calculator will give you an indication of the amount of CIL owed on a project, given the parameters you supply. The calculator is based on the formula set out in Schedule 1 of the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended, 2019), and the CIL rates set by West Berkshire Council.

It is not intended as a final representation of your total liability, and does not constitute the CIL determined by the CIL Charging Authority or legal advice.

As your application progresses, and after the CIL liable development is approved, you will be issued a Liability Notice and following commencement, a Demand Notice, which will contain the final breakdown of CIL owed on a development. The amount set out in the Liability Notice and Demand Notice is the binding amount you will need to pay.

You should not rely on the calculator to make decisions which depend on the amount of CIL liability.
If you wish to commence your development and have not yet received a liability notice, please contact the CIL Team immediately.
Further, you should not commence development (including demolition) without confirmation of any relief/exemption for CIL from the CIL Team and without submitting a Form 6: Commencement Notice.

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Instructions and further info

Find which CIL Residential charging zone your site is in using the Charging Zone Map Viewer. Select 'District' to see the overall zones or specific maps for particular areas of the district by selecting them and then clicking 'Open Zone Map'.

To refine the search address level, click on 'Council District Map' and enter the address of the site. The CIL Zone will be shown on the map. Note for Retail use there is one rate for the whole district.

Set a Decision Date and any applicable Site Demolition, then click 'Add Area' to begin your CIL Calculation. Below this table is a Site Totals overview along with an optional Breakdown which explains the calculator's output in detail.

Final CIL Liability
Formal determination of the CIL liability will be made by West Berkshire Council when a Liability Notice is issued after a CIL liable application is approved. Please note that the CIL charges produced by the calculator may be subject to change and may differ to the final calculation of CIL liability.

The final calculation of the CIL chargeable amount will be based on the final gross internal area (GIA) floorspace figures proposed as part of the approved development, and will depend on the following:
- Is the floorspace of existing buildings to be demolished or retained eligible for deduction from the CIL chargeable amount?
- Is the development eligible for relief or exemption from CIL?
- Has indexation been applied?
- Have any surcharges or late payment interest been applied?

Further Information
For further information or advice on CIL please contact us at