Welcome to the Runnymede Borough Council PFM

This module will allow you to see the planning data from Runnymede Borough Council in an interface powered by Exacom. All information shown here has been approved by Runnymede Borough Council, and the extent of the information available to the public is also controlled entirely by the authority. Key features include the local Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) dashboard, the Section 106 dashboard, the application lookup facility, and the CIL calculator. Below is a message from Runnymede Borough Council:

Message from Runnymede Borough Council  

Message from Runnymede Borough Council 

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge on new development and will be used to fund improvements to infrastructure required in Runnymede. Use the online calculator for an indication of how much CIL you will be liable to pay for a development or use the CIL Dashboard and Applications pages to track and view more about how CIL is being handled by the council. 

CIL data can be searched per ward, and to do this you must first select the option from the left-hand side. 

The site automatically updates every evening and shows all CIL data from 1 March 2021 when this Council started charging CIL.

The Council has S106 agreements back to 1947 and as such we are currently working on a long-term project to get historical S106’s into the Exacom system and into the public domain (working from 2022 back to 1947).

Any S106 agreements completed in 2023 and beyond will be uploaded and logged onto the Exacom system as soon as possible, after grant of planning consent(s).  Any data (financial or otherwise) for these agreements will be updated and as when it happens. 

The Council’s main aim currently, in regard to S106 agreements, has been to make the S106 agreements for the last 3 years available to view however, at this time it has not been possible to also work through these agreements to ensure that all the financial and other covenants are up to date on Exacom.  Therefore, care should be taken when reviewing the FINANCIAL matters as it will only be correct for those signed in 2023 at this time.  All other financial information will be INCORRECT.  This system should also not be used to monitor any agreement(s) which are pre 2023 or to check the compliance of any agreement pre 2023.

If a S106 is not showing on this Public Facing Module (and is Pre 2023) then you will need to contact planningadmin@runnymede.gov.uk to obtain a copy, and costs will apply for this service.

If you wish to enquiry if a S106 has been “discharged” eg complied with, then please email the team above and they will advise you of the costs for this service.

Please note that covenants within S106’s (1947 to today) which relate to either Surrey County Council or the “Highways Authority” are dealt with by Surrey County Council and any enquiries should be directed to them in the first instance. And will also not be updated on this system.


Last updated: 14 April 2024 17:30:39 (UK)